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Mar-20th-2006 10:27 pm - battle of the bands!
i'm a miranda (icon made by heraura)
University of Rochester presents a College Battle of the Bands
THIS Friday, March 24 at 8pm in the Douglass building
(featuring dueling stages at either end--no wait in between each set!). Park anywhere on campus for free and any student will be able to point you toward Douglass.
Tickets are only $5 and can be bought at the door.

Battling it out are:

More Cowbell
Andover Trift
Outside the Lines
The Magnolias
Room 30

Representatives from UR student organizations and UR faculty make up the panel that will judge these college bands, whose members hail from UR, MCC, RIT, Eastman, St. John Fisher, Ithaca, Cornell, Trinity, U. New Hampshire, Duke, Syracuse, Brockport, Binghamton.

The winner gets I belieeeve a slot in an upcoming show at Milestones. Perhaps other things as well, but as I'm in NYC this semester I'm slightly out of touch...I wish I could go!
Feb-14th-2006 07:16 pmUntitled
another formaldehyde icon
Come join Formaldehyde

with their new bassist at Steel Music Hall! Join the winners of the Battle Of The Bands: Dead To You with bands like Bloodspent, The Council, Remember

Tomorrow and Burning 2 Entyce to rock out for the night. Be sure to bring your friends, your $5 (if you're over) or

$8(if you're under) to Steel @ 1509 Scottsville RD. in Rochester and rock the hell out with us!

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Jan-30th-2006 10:10 pmUntitled
iSOUND.COM is looking for some local bands for our featured daily download. If you are in a band and want to submit a song to the daily download just email labels@isound.com
Dec-30th-2005 02:22 pmUntitled
So I'm probably going to be moving to Rochester in the fall, I'll be attending RIT (hopefully) for Photo. Since I'm from Detroit, MI, I don't know much about there area (I visited once over the summer). So I was wondering, are there any good gothic/industrial/electronica/ebm...etc. clubs in the area? There's about 3 or 4 in the Detroit area, is there anything in the Rochester area?
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